Interview Outfit – according to me.

Disclaimer: If you wear this to a job interview and don’t get the job, it wasn’t the outfits fault.

I was perusing the current ASOS sale, as well as looking for a job in fashion (with no fashion experience on my resume) and instead of working harder on my cover letter, because that’s boring, (!) I was envisaging my interview outfit. And that’s the key right? You just need to envisage yourself in the situation you want and it will manifest!

Now if only I could manifest some cash for these mustard mules…..

As usual, the shoes are what inspire the outfit. Start from the bottom and work up.

Depp Mustard Mules from ASOS on SALE! Whoot! Grab ’em here.

These teal man pants are the perfect mix of “yes, I can work in an office” along with “but I’m pretty fun at Friday night drinks as well”. I really don’t understand wearing anything other than a high waist. It’s just flattering on everyone, and comfortable?! Don’t cha think? Also, these are on SALE.

Inspired by @violette_fr a cream blazer is “profesh” but laid back. This one is crazeeeeee ‘spensive from The Row on Don’t you dare button it tho’! That looks naff.

Blazers are a pretty easy thing to thrift. Check the mens section, get it dry cleaned to remove the stank, rolls the sleeves up and Bob’s your dad’s brother!

You could go the way of Violette and put a little white cami number under the blazer but I’m feeling a little saucy and I want to clash patterns hard with something like a black floral. Found a couple of good ones on Revolve. If cami’s aren’t your thang, ’cause they aren’t for everyone (I’ve only just started embracing them post 35), you could do a Purple Monki Turtle Neck (say that 10 times fast), like this one from Monki on ASOS.

Let’s finish this bad boi off with some Sex-ccesories! You could do a necklace with the cami or even a bit of a statement piece with the turtle neck if you were to be so bold! But a pair of chunky gold earrings is where I’m going with this. And I have been eyeballing the fuck out of these “1988 Hoops” from 8 Other Reasons on Revolve.

Now, as always, you can go many ways with your bag. Seriously, whatever you have in your wardrobe already is fine. But I’m loving this Yuzefi Daria top-handle bag from Far Fetch. Cute huh?!

Good luck in that interview babe! You got this!!

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