Asos WHITE Asymmetrical Dress with FIRE Nikes.

I’ve been fantasizing about this outfit…..Maybe I’ll take the plunge and spend some cash to acquire it. Or maybe this blog post with suffice 😛

They’re a bit of a risk but one I’m willing to take! These new NSW Zoom X Vista Grind Sneaker from Nike are pure fire! Definitely cashing in on the current fluro trend, but like with all trends, if you take care of them and hang on to them long enough, fluro will come back into fashion. Probably sooner than you think! Peep these babies.

The ASOS White brand has been doing things to me lately. As in, I just want all of it. Particularly this Check Wrap dress.

It looks flowy and comfortable to wear. It has a unique shape and design, without looking awkward. It’s half Polyester, half Viscose so the fabric probably feels nice and doesn’t need a lot of ironing, however word on the street is Viscose is not the most sustainable fabric, but perhaps ASOS source their Viscose from a sustainable source? Let’s hope, I should look into that!

And what’s an outfit without SEX-ccessories!

I’ve been eyeballing these sweet Mary Jane Huggies from Revolve. 14K gold plated and only $40! I think I need them as they represent my hobbies so well!

I’m imagining this outfit as some kind of day out garb. Perhaps a friends drunken birthday picnic in Edinburgh gardens or a drunken Sunday brunch with Mimosa’s and pancakes; either way, you’ll need supplies and some kind of substantial bag, to bring a jacket and a bottle of wine in.

Because we’ve already got a lot of green going on here, I’m suggesting this Easy Rider Julian Backpack from Rebecca Minkoff. It’s ‘spensive, but remember this is only a fantasy.

Are you living the fantasy too? x

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